Welcome to the Lorna Clark School of Dance Online Classes!

Our Face to face classes will hopefully recommence this Summer


We are now running a successful online dance class programme.

Obviously these classes are not the same as the students normal lessons but we are offering a chance for pupils to continue their dance training and progress until normal lessons can be resumed 

if you are interested in joining one of our lessons please get in touch via the contact page.



How to access the classes and other practical details!

Zoom : We are using this to bring you our classes. Many of you will be familiar will Zoom but if not it is very easy to download ( even I could do it!) Once the class time has been arranged I will email the codes that you will need to join the lesson and then all you have to do is login.

Space:    I will be designing the classes to use as little space as is practical - because space will be our biggest obstacle. However it is dance and we do need to move! Parents you will need to be responsible for ensuring that the area your child is dancing in is safe for them. Ideally working on a hard floor would be better than carpet and please ensure all breakables are out of harms way!

Dress Code: I know we are at home but dressing up in your dance gear will make the whole class experience seem more of an occasion. Please do work in your ballet shoes as then you can push your feet along the floor safely without snagging toes on carpet etc.

Siblings: I am very happy for any member of your household to join in with our classes. Please do pick the appropriate class though and make sure that there is room if more than one person is going to dance!



 Please see the timetable on the next webpage 





Disclaimer: Please note that the classes will be carefully prepared to fit into a smaller area than we are used to using. However, it is very difficult for the teacher to see exactly what is around each individual pupil and what they are doing. For this reason we ask that parents check the area their child is dancing in for potential hazards and that they keep an eye on what they are doing.


And Finally...

In these difficult times we will do our best to make sure that everything runs to plan but please be patient if we don't quite get the technology working properly or things have to change. It's an exciting but unknown challenge for us to have to work in this way and I am sure we will have some teething problems. I would be very grateful if you read all the information carefully and try to avoid texting and messaging except where it's vital. If you do need to make contact then please do so via the website link.

Looking forward to seeing as many of our pupils as possible over the coming weeks.